Package Four - €1,550

Wedding Book – up to 70 images.
Presentation DVD.
Italian Hand Made Wedding Book.
24 pages 30cm x 40cm.
Up to 300 images captured.
All images balanced and adjusted.
Coverage up to 4hrs.

It is important to note that whatever package you’re interested in, the service level remains the same –

All Wedding Packages contain the following elements:

  • Initial Consultancy Visit
  • Site visit with the Bride / groom to both the Church & Hotel approximately 2 months prior to the event
  • Comprehensive coverage – as per package selected
  • Black & White and / or Colour images can be supplied
  • Viewing and selection of Prints with the Bride & Groom
  • Album & Prints....... if selected
  • A DVD of all selected images
  • Submission of selected print to local papers